Collins Gem Digital Video - By Colin Barrett

This handy little guide is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand digital video and make great home movies. Packed with tips and ideas, but small enough to fit in your pocket, it provides all the information you need to get the best results from your digital camcorder. Whether you're buying your first camcorder or updating to the latest digital technology, this compact guide is the one-stop guide to making and improving your home videos. Covers everything from understanding the features on the camcorder to composition, editing and post-production techniques; with insights and tips from an industry insider. Contents include: understanding digital; choosing the equipment you need; exploring your camcorder's features and functions; the basics of good film-making; tips for shooting many occasions from weddings to holidays to sporting events; editing your footage and creating title sequences; adding music and sound effects - including how to digitize music from discs and audio cassettes; screening your movies - making copies, uploading and streaming on the internet, podcasting; and DVD camcorders and the high definition future Plus, jargon-busting glossary, directory of websites and information to take you further.

See also this page from the author of this great book


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