How do I make an audio file from a video file?

Quite often people want to just use the audio from a video, maybe they have some audio on one video which they want to use in another video production or there is music on a video which they want to have on a music player.

This task is quite easy in movie maker.

Open Movie Maker and capture or import the compatible video file.
Ensure you have the timeline view open. See this page if you need help with this.
Drag the video file to the track labeled Audio/Music
It will now appear on this track and if you press play on the preview window you will be able to hear the audio, but you will not see any video.
Go to File, across the top of your screen.
Save Movie File (from the drop down box)
Or just press Ctrl and P

The save movie wizard will open.

Leave My computer as the location to be saved to. It will be highlighted. If it isn't, click on it.
Click Next
Choose the name for the audio file and then the location on your hard drive that you wish to save it to.
Click Next
You will now get some choices on quality for your audio. My choice would be to click on the radio button for Other settings and choose High Quality Audio.
Click Next and your audio file will save.

If you wish for your file to be played when you are finished tick the box -Play movie when I click finish.
If you do this, Windows Media Player will automatically open and play just your new audio file.


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