How to create a video for the web

Firstly we need to either capture the video from the camcorder, or import the video file from our hard drive.
Make any edits you feel are necessary.
Now we need to save the movie file, so from the Movie Tasks pane choose
Save to my computer
Enter a file name for your movie and select the location you are going to save it to.
Click Next
Select the Other settings by clicking on the radio button.
From the drop down box you will have several options to choose from, depending on what sort of download speed your viewers may have.

Some of these options are;
Video for broadband 512kbps
Video for Broadband 340kbps
Video for dial up, 38kbps.

What are the differences between these?

Well there are two main things to look at, the higher the kbps figure the larger the file size will be which means if your viewers have a slow internet connection it will take a long time for them to download the video and watch it. You also run the risk that the file will be very jerky or even keep stopping and starting during playback.
The other item is the lower the kbps figure the lower the quality of the video when seen by your viewer, as to make the file small and easy to download it has to be heavily compressed.

You may find that a few trials may be in order to find which compromise suits you best.

If you try changing the file type you save to, you can see an approximate size of the finished video in the bottom right of the open window, also you will see the video physical size on the left, which will generally be either 320x240 or 160x120.

Click next and the encoding and saving will take place.

If you want to preview the saved movie, ensure the play movie when I click finish box is ticked, then click finish.

My video has been done using Video for broadband 150kbps. Watch it here.

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