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As Vista draws ever closer to release, we Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals are asked to help with the Beta testing. The Vista Beta was released a while ago now, but it was only late December that a version was given to us with the media content included, i.e. Movie Maker.

I have therefore, cleared my video editing computer and installed a new Western Digital Raptor, 36gb 10,000rpm drive to install it on. The following are my thoughts and ideas on the way Movie Maker is moving, and this page will be supplemented with new tutorial pages for you to read, so that as soon as you get your new version you can get the most from it immediately.

Here's something from Microsoft to wet your appetite.

Vista has been released to the business market, so the general public will be able to start upgrading shortly.

Here are some of my thoughts on differences in Movie Maker in Vista to those in XP.

Movie Maker can now be stretched out over two monitors and you can use the second monitor as a full screen preview window if you wish, as one of the additions is the full size preview window.

You can now advance by single frames rather than every other frame which is a much needed improvement for accurate editing..

There are a new range of effects to accompany the old favourites, such as 3D ripple, Edge detection, 5 pan and zoom variants, Sharpen, Spin 360, Warp and 12 Zoom in/out variants.
The Smudge stick effect has been removed.

A couple of new transitions, Bars vertical and Whirlwind from top.

Automovie has one new addition in Fade and reveal.

Movie Maker now utilisies the GPU, Graphics Processor Unit, which is the memory chip on your graphics card, to process commands such as showing transitions and effects. All the standard effects supplied have been re-written to take this into account. Any third party effects you have been used to using will need to be written to account for this change. Until then they will, unfortunately, not work properly.

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