Cannot make a dvd with windows dvd maker

This is taken from the vista newsgroup and relates to HP media centre computers.

A short time ago, when I would try to make a DVD through DVD maker, I would
iimport the video files and then press the preview button then DVD maker
would give this error:
This problem was caused by (Follow the steps in the article to
unregister this binary, e.g. regsvr32 /u (Follow the
steps in the article to unregister this binary, e.g. regsvr32 /u
was created by Ligos Corporation

I received the same error for

Following the advice I saw in the error message and in the Problem Reports
and Solutions, I ran regsvr32/u on these files and unregistered them:

I believe that I unregistered all the files in C:\Windows\System32 that
began with lmp and had the .ax extention.  There were two others besides the
the above.

A couple of days ago, HP released an update that resolved the issue with and  I installed that update. Now, I re-registered
all of those files, and everything seems to be fine.

I just  made a DVD with a recorded TV segment from Media Center, a captured
MPG from a camcorder and a WMV file I downloaded from the internet.

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